26 Oct 2011


Assalamualaikum!! just  my discharges :)

Hidden deep within my heart there is a place! a place none will ever see!!a place so deeply protected..sometimes its hidden from me.this place is for all the emotions that i cannot share.it's a dark place, one will never know.a place i shall not dare to go,a place which holds all my lost dreams.....every now and then,i look into this place only to feel empty.i leave it behind with sad disgrace.many times i have wondered why i've hidden this place...only to be shown..that it must be this way.So i go on never speaking of these feelings unsure why their there.for who needs these feelings,if there is no one here to share.so many times i wish to walk away..forget about tomorrow as well as yesterday.. never showing my true self,insecure of what one might say...one day i know, i'll venture on.for one day i know...this place shall be gone...when that time comes and the light shines upon me...then this is the time...yeahh..!! i know i've been set free......

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