9 Jan 2012

i wish..after this i cant see these world anymore..

For so long...looking into the mirror  I saw only a reflection of an image, a stranger looking back at me. When looking into my eyes, I saw only an emptiness, a void. Beneath those eyes were many fears, fears of pain, fears of sorrow, feelings of no hope. How could I not know this face before me, as I stood looking at the image in the mirror? Where was this person that I used to be, why couldn't I see? Turning again looking into the mirror, I saw my life, one that had gone out  like a candle being extinguished. All my pride, my joy, my hopes, my desires, my passion, all was gone. What reflected back from that mirror was a stranger looking back at me. Standing there feeling so alone,  lost and  confused,  the fear set in, where was this person I called ME? Walking away from that image, never wanting to look again, my life continued on. Over time I found myself looking in that mirror again. Yet this time when I looked, what reflected back to me was a face, my face, my eyes filled with hope, a burning love, a pride of being me, a passion for living. No longer a darkness did I see, for out of my eyes a light was shining, a reflection of ME! For you see I was no longer a stranger to Me! Yet there still is that pain deep within, that pain has taken on a new meaning in my life. Through the tears and countless hours of feeling alone, those hours I screamed out and no one heard slowly through that pain and confusion emerged the real me. It took all those disappointments and life hurts to make me stop and look at the real Me!! No longer am I just an image in a mirror I am a reflection of my life, those hurts, those joys, that hope, that burning passion, that endless love. I see now the true image the image of Me!

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